What’s For Dinner? Google Takeout



It seems that a majority of technology consumers are accustomed to using Google services and products throughout their daily lives. In fact, many people rely on Google and its various products such as Gmail and Google Drive to store and retrieve important data.

While there are those who are well-versed in the various features and facets of these Google products, many are unaware of one of the most vital Google features: Google Takeout.

Using Google Takeout, one can export (package and download) all of their data from their Google account, and I mean, ALL OF THE DATA! The average person will have anywhere from 15 to 100 gigabytes of data stored on their Google account.  This data is generally in the form of (but not limited to): Email, pictures, music, documents, search history, and other valuable information. This is information people rely on Google to store and that they access on a daily basis.

However, what people do not realize is that relying on one source of storage, in this case, Google’s servers (where the data is stored), is unwise. One must ensure that their precious data is secure and accessible at all times. If something were to happen to one’s internet or in a wild case, to the Google servers, all their precious data could be at risk. Therefore, it is a prudent thing for anyone reliant on Google products and services to take advantage of the Google Takeout feature.

One can simply request their data to be packaged by Google and prepared for download. Once the packaging is complete, Google will notify you that your information is ready for download. For just a few dollars, anyone can purchase a reliable storage medium, such as a solid-state external hard-drive, or a similar flash-drive, and copy their downloaded data on to these media devices. Subsequently, the devices can be stored in a safe place at home or work for safekeeping. The whole process can last just a few minutes of actual work (and some more time of letting the data transfer) and can be a potential lifesaver in the event of some unforeseen failure.

If you use Google products and services on a daily basis, avoid the hardship and anguish that accompanies unexpected data-loss, utilize Google Takeout today!

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