Where Did We Come From?

We created Computer Rabbis LLC in response to an ongoing issue: In almost every community, people struggle to find affordable computer and technology help. Many people need to consult various family members or friends in order to get answers to simple computer or tech questions. They are wary of calling professional computer service companies because of the excessive fees and charges. In response to this, Computer Rabbis LLC was born!

Our Goals

At Computer Rabbis®, we will NOT charge you exorbitant “diagnostic” fees just to tell you that your computer is broken or that something else is wrong! When we can, we will diagnose your problem over the phone and discuss the best course of options for you! We strive to be and are currently the most affordable computer service on the market! We are here to help with any questions pertaining to computers, phones, technology, and any other related devices or services! Seriously, try us with any questions or requests, we are just a text or phone call away!

How We Work

The Computer Rabbis® team is made up of highly-skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable technicians.  Once a customer contacts Computer Rabbis and their needs are ascertained, they are matched with a technician best suited to help them.  Many different calculations determine which technicians are paired with each customer.  Utilizing this system, Computer Rabbis® ensures that customers are provided with the best and most affordable technology services.

Get In Touch

  • Buying a new or used computer/device and unsure as to which one is the best option for you?
  • Is your computer or phone doing something quirky, and need it changed?
  • Think that you are possibly being scammed on the internet or that you may be hacked?
  • Dropped your computer and need it repaired? Is it something even worth repairing?
  • Need a friend with whom to shoot the breeze?

We will gladly help with any of your questions or needs! We do not charge for quick phone consultations (5-10 minutes) but instead encourage people to pay according to however they feel about the information and support they receive.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

All Computer Rabbis technicians possess extensive IT experience, but not necessarily, Rabbinical Ordination.