General Consultation

Any random questions you may have regarding computers, software, devices, purchases, or any other things you can think of, please feel free to reach out for some advice. We are here to help! Customers are always surprised at the amount of information they can gain from just a five-minute phone call, plus: No strings attached!

OS Repair and Installation

Computer Rabbis are committed to making your life easier with convenient and comprehensive computer service support when you need it most. Get in touch today to learn more about this our computer and technology service and everything we have to offer.

Laptop/Computer Repair

Computer running slowly? Wish someone would clean it up or get rid of pesky viruses and issues?

This is one of our most popular computer services for both new and returning clients, therefore appointments fill up quickly. Feel free to reach out with any computer service or technology related questions for our team, and make sure to book your slot today.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our expert technicians provide all the computer services you need with a dedication to quality and efficiency. Even if you just need help with buying a new laptop or desktop (or any other technology related products), feel free to give us a call! One of our technicians will be glad to help you make an educated purchase.

Website Design and Consultation

Contact us to discuss your next website. We can help with all aspects of building your organization’s online location. Any questions will be fielded by our knowledgeable computer service technicians with years of experience in the field.

Device Filtering

Contact us to discuss the best filtering methods and options for your specific needs. There are many different ways to ensure that your devices are filtered and protected for your and/or your family’s needs. We can help advise customers on the available options ranging depending on their specific needs and situations. Schedule a call to discuss your options! A Computer Rabbis technician will help guide you through the process and explain the filtering possibilities in detail.