Blocking Pesky Spam Callers


Are you one of the many Americans suffering each and every day from pesky and irritating “Robo Calls” and telemarketers?

Chances are, that you are among the vast majority of us who hear our phones buzzing or ringing, only rush over, answer and discover that it is just some robot on the line attempting to sell to, convince, or scam us. To further compound the issue, these infuriating callers can now spoof their numbers in order to make them seem familiar to you (similar/same area code, etc.) and will cause people to pick up the spam calls more often.

While there are many different ways to remedy this issue, many offered by various third-party providers (or some even by phone-service providers), no perfect solution has been found. Even the solutions that work well, more often than not, are very expensive and will usually cause your phone to work slowly as their respective processes run in the background.

In light of this issue, we have devised a simple method to mitigate the robocaller issue. All that needs to be done is for one to utilize a (free) feature that is built-in to the standard operating systems of most current phones.

To avoid answering pointless calls, follow these instructions:

  1. Activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone.
  2. Set the setting to “only allow calls from contacts.”
  3. Set your voicemail to say something to this effect: “Due to an influx of telemarketing and robocalling, unknown numbers will not be answered. Please leave a message or send a text message and I will return your call ASAP.
  4. Add important phone numbers to your contacts so they will ring on your phone in the future.

This may seem like a cumbersome solution, however, it is simple to manage and quite effective when dealing with robocallers; it can save you from many a headache in the future.  Further, you will know not to return calls from unknown numbers that are not accompanied by a text message or voicemail.

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