Do I REALLY Need This?


One of the most common issues that face the average technology consumer is one that they are rarely aware of. In a day and age where consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements for the latest tech and gear, consumers are often left feeling that their computers, phones, or other devices are inadequate in some way (even if they were recently purchased). I’ve lost count of the customers whom I’ve come across that were stuck with machines that were overpriced and completely unnecessary for their needs. Often, customers would be better off if they were able to make a well-informed decision prior to purchasing their new laptop/desktop, etc.

I’ve recently made it a habit to ask customers to please let me know, in just a couple of minutes, exactly what they plan on using their new computer for. More often than not, they will describe something along the lines of “just some word processing and internet browsing, with perhaps the occasional movie/TV show sprinkled in.” Although these customers know what they want out of their devices, they rarely have enough knowledge of the technical side to their options to make an educated purchase.

Customers were shocked to learn that once they described the tasks and needs they had, we were able to suggest devices that were much more affordable than the ones they were originally considering. It always hurts to see someone spend hundreds if not thousands of their hard-earned dollars on devices that are overpowered and completely unnecessary for what they need. Before making a large purchase, save yourself the headache (as well as some money) and spend some time researching the specs to determine if the device is the correct choice for you!

In the market for a new phone, laptop/desktop, or any tech devices?

Ask yourself: “Do I Really Need This?”

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