Our Team



A few years back, Steven had enough of local computer repair companies ripping off his family and friends. As an Ordained Rabbi, Steven resolved to create a company that would provide computer and IT support to those in need, with friendly and knowledgeable service, sans the exorbitant cost.


Special Operations and Projects Manager

The team leader, Hannah is the backbone of all operations and “behind the scenes” operations at Computer Rabbis. Without her, nothing would get done and the company would cease to exist as we know it.


Lead Technician*

Leading the Computer Rabbis team, Avner strives to ensure that all customers are helped in a timely and friendly manner. Known for his ability to present unique solutions to IT issues, Avner is the glue that holds our team together.


Lead Graphic Designer

As an advanced graphic designer and eminent artist, Judah provides invaluable skills to the Computer Rabbis team. Additionally, Judah’s expansive array of technology, innovative, and mechanical skills makes him an invaluable asset.


IT Legal Counsel

One of the foremost legal minds of our generation, Brent helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and other under represented clients gain peace of mind with any legal issues they encounter. Brent works with clients solve their problems and achieve their goals in a stress-free environment.



Assisting in everyday computer repairs, Mordechai is well versed in multiple operating systems, website design, and device diagnostics. Customers rave about Mordy’s punctuality and skills on a near daily basis.


In-House Tech / Human Resources*

Reb Duvid is the glue holding the company together. His ability to understand the human psyche and the tech industry knows no bounds. There to help all customers and staff alike, Duvid’s advanced psychology and technology degree are only eclipsed by his Rabbinic prowess.



Specializing in home and small business visits, Shuly diagnoses issues, runs cable, and establishes servers and workstations with ease. We can relax knowing that our customers are in good hands when Shuly is assigned to their case.

*Characters appearing on this page are representative of various Computer Rabbis employees and contractors in nature and are likely fictitious or virtual assistants. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.